Elizabeth Emma Grondin Memorial Scholarship

Elizabeth "Liz" Grondin, the mother of 10 children, was the inspiration for Grondin's Hair Centers. Starting with a stool in the kitchen, an old pair of scissors, and used clippers, she taught her boys about clipper cuts. The girls were taught how to do roller sets, pin curls, finger waves, and back combing. In the later years the kids returned the favor and taught her about blow drying and curling irons. Out of this kitchen, six of the ten children and ten of thirty-three grandchildren became licensed hairdressers, with 9 of her ten children working at one time or another for Grondins Hair Centers.

The Elizabeth Emma Grondin Memorial Scholarship was created as a tribute to the woman who inspired it all. Her goal being to create a resource for students who may not otherwise be able to achieve their goal of becoming a licensed cosmetologist.

One scholarship, per class, is awarded each year. Applications can be picked up at the college or we can email it to you. The application consists of completing a basic application, as well as writing a 500 word essay about why you think you should be awarded the scholarship.

For more information about the scholarship, please contact our Administrator, Marianne McNary at (810) 664-7683.


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