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The History of Grondin's Hair Centers

In 1969, Carl Grondin and Paul Grondin opened their first barbershop in a grain elevator in Dryden, Michigan. Since then, the family has grown the business to nearly 50 salons across Michigan and a College of Cosmetology.

The timeline that follows describes our company's memorable occasions from each of the decades that Grondin's has been serving Michigan. The Grondin family has experienced an incredible journey with our business, our communities, our neighbors, our employees, and our friends.

We sincerely thank you and look forward to serving you for many years to come.



When our journey started...

  • 1969

Carl Grondin learned the art of cutting hair in 1966 and started working at a barbershop in Southfield, Michigan

Paul Grondin returned home from the Army and decided to learn the profession too

The brothers opened the first Grondin's Barbershop in Dryden, Michigan


Unisex Salons Began

  • 1970

Unisex salons became popular and many barbershops started closing their doors

The Grondin brothers opened salons in Lapeer, Michigan and Imlay City, Michigan

Carl went to California to learn more about operating multiple salons

Paul Grondin, Joe Grondin, and Shirley Grondin formed Grondin's Inc. and continued to operate the business.


Totally Awesome 80's!

  • 1980s

Carl and Paul took full ownership in the company

Grondin's Inc. expanded to almost 20 stores

The brothers began further expansion into new communities

Grondin's College of Cosmetology was opened


The Walkman. You've Got Mail. Y2K

  • 1990s

Grondin's Inc. grows to over 30 stores across Michigan

KC Grondin, Carl Grondin Jr, Stacey Town, Christopher Schenkel, and Terry Town join the company

The company launched their "Grondin's Orginals" line of products


The Unforgettable Years

  • 2000s

Over 20 more Grondin's Hair Centers open across Michigan.

Grondin's joined Facebook

The Grondin's eClub began

2010 - Present

The "YOU" Decade

  • 2010

Grondin's continues expanding into new communities

The Grondin's Originals product line is improved and relaunched


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